Bet Big in January


Bet365 will be raising the stakes for players this January with a big prize that awaits Bingo players as the new year gets into gear. Bingo Bonanza will be giving players the unique opportunity to take home a total of 20,000 pounds when they win big. From the the 3rd of the month to the 30th of January, 5,000 pounds will be given away each week with the total 20,000 pounds being given away by the end of the month. Players can get their hands on grab tickets for weekly prize drawings that are worth up to 5,000 pounds each.

Each grab ticket also comes with loyalty points that can also be used in Bingo as well. One tickets earns you 10 points that go towards all the Bingo fun. There are also games that offer the chance to win two tickets on top of the 10 loyalty points. These games include Superstar Bonanza, The Catwalk, Mojo Lounge, and Kiss & Tell. When you enjoy all the action through these games, you double your chances of winning. These games also offer there own individual chances of winning for players who log on. Over 110 weekly prizes can earn players up to 1,000 pounds in winnings. Additionally, there is no limit to the number of tickets that you can take home when you play.Bingo Bonanzo

January also brings some unique offers to the table in January every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 21:00 onward. The games roll out in the Mojo Lounge, allowing players a rare opportunity to play Mojo Roll On Disco. All players have to do to gain entrance is to put 10 pounds on Bingo. When players do so, they have an all-access pass for that night as well as every other night of the week. While inside this Bingo365 room, players will be competing for 50 different Roll On prizes. Each game puts up to 110 pounds up for grabs. The good times are guaranteed to roll when the Mojo Room is open to you. There is no better time to start exploring the winning potential that Bet365 has to offer to players. The 20,000 pounds that is being made available through Bingo Bonanza is just the beginning of the opportunities that players can have at their fingertips.