British Public Speaks Out Against FOBTs And Gambling Addiction


gambling addictionIn recent polls, it seems that the massive majority of voters in Britain have deemed Fixed Odd Betting Terminals (FOBTs) to be a primary cause for concern and blame when it comes to gambling addiction. These terminals are a source of great controversy amongst those involved with casinos and betting shops.

Some of these machines operate at highly expensive prices, with the cap on some of the amounts able to be bet going as high as £100 per spin. While the payoff for a more expensive spin can be great, the odds of the outcome being in favor of the person playing are a cause for concern. A greater cause for concern, though, according to surveys and feedback from the public, is the potential for gambling addicts to lose hundreds or thousands of pounds in just minutes, leading to great distress and misery for the player and those associated with them.

Gambling addiction is becoming a problem about which the British public is more and more concerned. Because of this, the voters have called for action. An overwhelming majority of nearly three out of four voters have said they believe the £100 ceiling should be lowered, with six in ten voters saying that it should be cut to just 2% of that amount and capped at £2.

Voters have also raised concerns over the motivations and morality behind the actions of bookmakers who run the machines. With nearly half those surveyed saying they believe that the bookmakers should be far more limited in regards to the number of FOBT machines they’re allowed to operate, and 56% saying there should be a cap on the amount punters can input into the machines, it seems that there is a growing tension between the bookmakers and the public. Accusations from the public have also stated that many believe the bookmakers are strategically placing FOBT machines with higher stakes in lower income areas, causing a rise in the financial hardship and addiction to gambling that populations in these areas face. With all these topics becoming more and more prevalent, it seems that the debate over gambling addiction has only just begun to grow in the UK.