Caesars Takes to Online Poker

Somewhere in Nevada at 9:19 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time, either a resident or a visitor of the state logged on to a tablet or a computer to play the World Series of Poker on the Internet for real money for the first time ever. For the operator of the brand, Caesars, the real money to be made for the World Series of Poker is online where it can more easily be accessed by international professionals.

The symbolism of this moment is just as relevant in this story; Caesars has now become the first major casino operator of Las Vegas to get money from online gambling.Casino

Though it was outlawed seven years ago by Congress, online gambling now has gained a legal foothold within the country, though it is limited. Each state has different regulations for online poker and casinos, though international countries like the UK and Australia are still easy candidates to get in on the online version of the World Series of Poker.

Nevada paved the way for this possibility, followed by Delaware. However, both have relatively small populations that make it difficult to make money by local residents alone. Though regulation is expected to occur in New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Pennsylvania and California, the real market is international — outside of the United States.

The politicians are not the only ones who are slow to accept the presence of international online gambling, and they have only actually accepted it due to the benefits of tax revenue. Some major casino moguls have reacted ambivalently and some hostilely, considering online gambling to be the unworthy offspring that will damage their palaces.

According to Sheldon Adelson, online gambling is merely a threat to society, calling the industry a toxin that needs to be resisted. Steve Wynn, a man who has been making great strides to further expand his Wynn Resorts empire throughout Macau and North America, expresses an attitude that can be best described as ambivalent.

Garber, the former chief executive of PartyGaming, recalls back when his company was popular among Americans and international residents alike. He states that everybody wants to learn how to play poker online before taking it to the casinos, which creates an industry that will help achieve this goal. He hopes that casino operators will stop viewing online poker as a threat and instead as a proper supplement to the numerous casinos throughout the world that will benefit from the industry’s presence.