Essential Online Poker Stats

By Charlotte Jackson @ Maple Casino Canada

Online casinos have fast become the preferred way to gamble in recent years, mostly because of the convenience and cost-effective nature of being able to play at home. Online Poker in particular is one of the more popular games at any online casino and the numbers and stats sure are interesting.

Online Poker currently has a revenue of nearly $1,4 Billion, with over 100 million poker players worldwide. 60% of those players come from the USA alone and 15 million people play their Poker games online. Around half of these online players play for real money at least once a month. 88% of online players who play Poker for real money, gamble with stakes that ensure a win or loss of $100 per day. Only 2% gamble with odds of winning or losing $1000 a day. 60% of gamblers who visit casinos regularly also play online for real money. It is estimated that more people play Poker than golf, billiards and tennis combined!

So it is clear that Poker is a much loved game, and with the online gambling industry growing, more and more people are learning the game and choosing to place their bets on the web. Are you one of the millions who are putting their Poker skills to use online?