Arizona State Poker Championship Won by Vance Fitzgerald

Arizona-based Talking Stick Resort located at Scottsdale held the state poker championship this year. Poker Pro Vance Fitzgerald came out tops in the tournament after defeating 1580 players to qualify for the main event and winning it with $ 253,600 in total. This five day annual tournament is now almost a decade old and has prize pool of $1 million. The toughest players for Vance to defeat were Chad Mizner and Jake Balsiger that are regular participants at these events and had to battle non-stop for three hours to gain the title of 2015 Arizona State Poker Champion during second week of August.

Arizona State Poker Championship Won by Vance Fitzgerald

Details of the tournament

According the organizers of the event at Arena Poker Room, this year was special as there was higher turnout of players when compared to last year’s figure which shows growing interest of players in the game. Final nine players in the main event that battled for the champion’s title besides Vance were Chad Mizner, Jake Balsinger, Matt Shultz, Gail Getzwiller, Hooman Nikzul, Matt Elsby, Alex Shelton and A.T. Gruzak. Tournament of No Limit Hold ‘Em began on August 14th and the semi -finals were held on 17th August and finals on 18th. The final table was emceed by four time WSOP title winner Tom Schneider who kept up an engaging commentary for the spectators.

Details of last few minutes of the game

Besides the prize money of $ 253,600, Vance took home a Presidential Rolex watch along with a customized trophy. Semi -finalists Chad Mizner and Jake Balsiger also received trophies along with prizes of $ 189,600 and $ 134,300 respectively. In the final defining moment when only Chad Mizner and Vance remained on the table, the latter ended the game and won the championship with a pair of queens that helped him pick up the pot.

UK/Ireland Live Poker Tournaments in June 2015

It’s that time of year again — all diehard poker players start watching the World Series of Poker in Vegas. While that tournament might be a little out of most of our reaches, there are plenty of big chances to win right on U.K./Irish soil.

live  poker game

In addition to this, there’s the Unibet Open Glasgow festival as well as the Dusk Till Dawn Deepstack series.

Major UK/Ireland Tournaments for June 2015

  • June 3-7: Dusk Till Dawn, Nottingham
  • June 4-7: Grosvenor G Casino, Bolton
  • June 4-7: Grosvenor G Casino, Leicester
  • June 6: Westport Country Lodge, Aughagower, Ireland
  • June 12-14: Green Isle Hotel, Dublin, Ireland
  • June 17-21: Genting Club Queen Square, Liverpool
  • June 18-21: Grosvenor G Casino, Nottingham
  • June 18-21: Grosvenor Maybury Casino, Edinburgh
  • June 19-21: The Poker Room, London
  • June 21-28: Grosvenor G Casino, Reading
  • June 26-28: Alea Casino, Glasgow

There are additional tournaments also occurring in various other locations throughout June, but most events occur in the different Grosvenor G Casinos throughout the UK.

Players interested in saving some money and stay at home might instead qualify for a number of tournaments online. For example, one may download Grosvenor Poker from UK & Ireland PokerNews, which includes a 200 percent deposit bonus on deposits up to £1,200. Not only that, but new users can also get a free GUKPT token that may be used on any of the GUKPT satellites that are up as well.

Add More Spice to Your Life with Interesting Poker Tournaments

Stay in sync with the latest information about the latest poker tournaments updates from the best sources online. The Summer Poker Classic is all set to hit the floor from Turning Stone Casino and Resort in Verona, New York between June 23 and June 28. In this tournament you can join up to nine No Limit Hold’em games and events with massive buy in fees of $140 and $550 for Main Event. The Main Event will take place from June 26 – 28. The prize money includes $75, 000.

Stay in sync with the latest information about the latest poker tournaments updates from the best sources online.

The 2015 Summer Showdown is scheduled to hit the floor by June 25 and continue till June 29 at SugarHouse Casino, Philadelphia. The $280 No-Limit Hold’em game event featuring a prize of $100,000 is the special attraction of this tournament. Some of the other tournaments due for this month are “$100,000 Guaranteed Tournament” at Isle Casino in Pompano Beach in Florida, Weekends Are Wild Series at Pala Casino Spa and Resort in California.

This is followed by Hollywood Poker Open Championship at the M Resort Spa & Casino in Las Vegas, Super High Roller Series 2015 in Las Vegas at the Aria Resort & Casino with the Super High Roller Celebrity Shootout. This is followed by the Super High Roller Cash Game and the Super High Roller Bowl event which is a primary highlight of this series.

Hold your breath and keep looking for more on the exciting poker and gambling tournaments worldwide and you will surely love the sight of the prize money amounts as you decide which one to join eventually. Click here to make your choice now.

First Day of European Poker Tour Led By Oleksii Khoroshenin

The 11th season of the European Poker Tour, which is being held this year in Malta, will have a packed schedule with 70 tournaments spread over several days. The high roller events in the schedule will feature both a top prize of € 10,000 followed by a special € 25000 event. The first day which comprised of ten levels was dominated by last year’s champion Oleksii Khoroshenin who led the way with 277,600 chips. A special single re-entry is allowed for players who want to try out for EPT Malta High Roller even if they go broke.

European Poker Tour led by Oleksii Khoroshenin

Events of day I at EPT, Malta

The first day of European Poker Tour Season 11 on March 18, 2015 started with a special high roller tournament with prize amount of €25000. By the end of the first day there were 86 entries. The games were held for one hour each for around 10 hours and only 42 players managed to survive the first day of play from original 86 which shows how tough the competition must have been. There were 67 unique entrants out of which 19 players expressed their desire to enter for a second time. Many famous professional players like Bertrand “ElkY” Grospeillier, Eutene Katchalog and also Vanessa Selbert were present, but all were eliminated on the first day.

Expected events

The subsequent days of EPT Malta tour will start with several returning players like Jeffrey Rossiter, Fabian Quoss and Pratyush Buddiga followed by Dani Stern, Sorel Mizzi, Old Schemion, Steve O’ Dwyer who are all under pressure to increase their stacks. If not they will go bust and wait for Main Event of EPT Malta to start on March 22. The closest contender of Oleksii Khoroshenin is Nick Petrangelo who owns 239,000 chips. Other players among top ten on the leader board with these two players are Dan Smith, Phillip Gruissem, Martin Finger and Connon Drinan.

Human VS Computer Poker Playoffs

Man is always trying to make machines powerful enough to beat them at their own games. Logic aside – but such experiments do achieve success once in a while producing seemingly harmless results such as the computer that can beat humans playing a variant of the popular game of Texas Hold’em poker.

Texas Hold'em poker play offs.

About Cepheus

The scientists responsible for this computer programs have named it Cepheus. Having played billions of hands in practice sessions against itself, Cepheus now plays an almost perfect game of the Texas Hold’em variant. This ‘almost perfect’ is still way high up than ‘perfect’ in the human games and it is not possible to play better than it.

Cepheus surprises and more

Cepheus usually plays with bad hands, even in situations where human players are almost likely to fold a game. It has constantly improved its game by learning from each move of the game and it consistently betters itself.

However, the machine is yet to play against a human yet. Given the competitive nature of poker it is likely that some player or other is bound to challenge the machine and the claims of the scientists who have created it. That is yet to see. However, as far as history of human vs. machine playoffs, machine have always won and won big.

Only time will tell what happens with Cepheus, but its makers say that they didn’t create it for trouncing humans in a game of Texas Hold’em. However, humans can certainly learn to play better with the help of Cepheus. For instance, it affirms that in poker dealer is always at an advantage and that as an initial move, it is always better to raise a game than fold it, at least most of the time. Not to mention the billions and trillions of moves it has up its sleeve or err… wherever.

Are Winning Streaks Bad For Your Poker Game?

Poker Game

The worst thing about a poker player is how fickle their thoughts can be. It can be exhausting keeping up with all the emotions and subsequent statements made by poker players. One second they are whining about how they never have any luck and the next second they are jumping up and down as though they are God’s gift to the world.

The word that is most often used by poker players to explain away streaks in their game is variance. They will talk about variance as if it is some extra-terrestrial force that makes them lose a lot or win a lot. For the most part, variance is used to excuse a losing streak.

Players who love to win and make a lot of money on the poker table will rarely admit that they have spells of bad play. They will never admit that they made decisions that were unwise, or that their bluffing strategy had been sussed out. Instead they will talk about luck and variance. Truth is that the best players know how to handle these situations. They know how to ride through a losing streak and they know when to quit while winning. Streaks are just a natural part of their game; they do not define their poker philosophy.

Winning A Lot is WOSRE than losing A Lot

Logic would dictate that winning a number of hands or games in a row is a good thing. In fact, most players would say that it is a great thing. Then why would anyone think that winning a lot is worse than losing a lot? Here is why:
Players who are struggling will analyze their game with incredible detail. They will go over every inch of their last performance in an attempt to find improvement. The best players will never talk about variance. They will be self-critical in a bid to improve.

However, even the best players are guilty of being sucked in by a winning streak. They will continue to ride the wave and that leads to neglect in their game.