First Day of European Poker Tour Led By Oleksii Khoroshenin

The 11th season of the European Poker Tour, which is being held this year in Malta, will have a packed schedule with 70 tournaments spread over several days. The high roller events in the schedule will feature both a top prize of € 10,000 followed by a special € 25000 event. The first day which comprised of ten levels was dominated by last year’s champion Oleksii Khoroshenin who led the way with 277,600 chips. A special single re-entry is allowed for players who want to try out for EPT Malta High Roller even if they go broke.

European Poker Tour led by Oleksii Khoroshenin

Events of day I at EPT, Malta

The first day of European Poker Tour Season 11 on March 18, 2015 started with a special high roller tournament with prize amount of €25000. By the end of the first day there were 86 entries. The games were held for one hour each for around 10 hours and only 42 players managed to survive the first day of play from original 86 which shows how tough the competition must have been. There were 67 unique entrants out of which 19 players expressed their desire to enter for a second time. Many famous professional players like Bertrand “ElkY” Grospeillier, Eutene Katchalog and also Vanessa Selbert were present, but all were eliminated on the first day.

Expected events

The subsequent days of EPT Malta tour will start with several returning players like Jeffrey Rossiter, Fabian Quoss and Pratyush Buddiga followed by Dani Stern, Sorel Mizzi, Old Schemion, Steve O’ Dwyer who are all under pressure to increase their stacks. If not they will go bust and wait for Main Event of EPT Malta to start on March 22. The closest contender of Oleksii Khoroshenin is Nick Petrangelo who owns 239,000 chips. Other players among top ten on the leader board with these two players are Dan Smith, Phillip Gruissem, Martin Finger and Connon Drinan.