The (Many!) Hold’em Poker Variations

Hold’em Poker is a form of Poker that is played with a combination of community cards and the use of blind bets instead of antes. Texas Hold’em is obviously the game people are most familiar with, but did you know there are many other variations of Hold’em Poker? Here are just a few.
Crazy Pineapple Hold’em In this game, players can use one, both or neither of their hole cards to make up their highest hand. The Ace can be played both high and low for straights and the players play clockwise from the dealer.
Manilla Hold’em – This is a stripped deck game and the Ace is always played high. Players play clockwise from the dealer and the highest hand wins.
Omaha Hold’em – In this version, players must use two of their hole cards along with three from the table to make up their hands. The Ace is played high and low and there’s a three raise limit per round.
Royal Hold’em – This game is played without the cards 2 through 9, leaving only Tens, Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces. The odds of getting certain hands are increased so strategies are different from other forms of Poker. A hand can be made from two hole cards and the community cards.

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