Human VS Computer Poker Playoffs

Man is always trying to make machines powerful enough to beat them at their own games. Logic aside – but such experiments do achieve success once in a while producing seemingly harmless results such as the computer that can beat humans playing a variant of the popular game of Texas Hold’em poker.

Texas Hold'em poker play offs.

About Cepheus

The scientists responsible for this computer programs have named it Cepheus. Having played billions of hands in practice sessions against itself, Cepheus now plays an almost perfect game of the Texas Hold’em variant. This ‘almost perfect’ is still way high up than ‘perfect’ in the human games and it is not possible to play better than it.

Cepheus surprises and more

Cepheus usually plays with bad hands, even in situations where human players are almost likely to fold a game. It has constantly improved its game by learning from each move of the game and it consistently betters itself.

However, the machine is yet to play against a human yet. Given the competitive nature of poker it is likely that some player or other is bound to challenge the machine and the claims of the scientists who have created it. That is yet to see. However, as far as history of human vs. machine playoffs, machine have always won and won big.

Only time will tell what happens with Cepheus, but its makers say that they didn’t create it for trouncing humans in a game of Texas Hold’em. However, humans can certainly learn to play better with the help of Cepheus. For instance, it affirms that in poker dealer is always at an advantage and that as an initial move, it is always better to raise a game than fold it, at least most of the time. Not to mention the billions and trillions of moves it has up its sleeve or err… wherever.