Romania Debates Online Gambling Launch

Romania GamblingGambling has been legal in Romania since December 2010. However, due to the unfortunate lack of an external third party to monitor online systems, Romania has delayed legalizing internet gambling for all these years.

Even though conditions prevalent in Romania showed signs of improvement in 2013, regulations set by the official government bodies continued to remain just as dismal and inoperable to a fair degree.


Fresh directive with new proposal

Following drastic attempts to gain a precedent over the battle to legalize internet gambling, a renewed legislative proposal has been drawn and submitted to governing authorities and is currently in debate.

Impending results of this long drawn out legal dispute is to be announced soon after Presidential elections are concluded in November this year. Prospects look great and reflect positive responses with strong indications toward legalizing web-based gambling and licensing for Romanian based operators.


License classes

Proposal set before the Romanian government has defined three varying types of classes for operators who wish to offer remote gambling within the country.

The first class focuses on remote online gambling operators who will have a fee based on turnover made strictly from registered Romanian users and players. The second class of licenses surrounds legal personnel who operate within the field of remote gambling. While the third class of licenses focus on local Romanian based operators that look to offer online players access to Romanian lottery and other remote lottery as well.

Current validity of license term set at 5 years, also looks to double in number as the new proposal look to expand it to a 10 year minimum. Fees and taxes on player revenues is another section of events being considered as well.


Increase in revenue

If the bill is to be passed, Romanian players will enjoy the opportunity to easy and secure access to online gambling solutions provided by reliable and legal operators. A number of facilities like sports betting, casino games, poker, slot games, and bingo will generate vast number of players.

Since the country at the moment doesn’t regulate gambling industry locally, this new venture is certain to gain increased amounts in terms of revenue gained from licensing fees alone.