Are Winning Streaks Bad For Your Poker Game?

Poker Game

The worst thing about a poker player is how fickle their thoughts can be. It can be exhausting keeping up with all the emotions and subsequent statements made by poker players. One second they are whining about how they never have any luck and the next second they are jumping up and down as though they are God’s gift to the world.

The word that is most often used by poker players to explain away streaks in their game is variance. They will talk about variance as if it is some extra-terrestrial force that makes them lose a lot or win a lot. For the most part, variance is used to excuse a losing streak.

Players who love to win and make a lot of money on the poker table will rarely admit that they have spells of bad play. They will never admit that they made decisions that were unwise, or that their bluffing strategy had been sussed out. Instead they will talk about luck and variance. Truth is that the best players know how to handle these situations. They know how to ride through a losing streak and they know when to quit while winning. Streaks are just a natural part of their game; they do not define their poker philosophy.

Winning A Lot is WOSRE than losing A Lot

Logic would dictate that winning a number of hands or games in a row is a good thing. In fact, most players would say that it is a great thing. Then why would anyone think that winning a lot is worse than losing a lot? Here is why:
Players who are struggling will analyze their game with incredible detail. They will go over every inch of their last performance in an attempt to find improvement. The best players will never talk about variance. They will be self-critical in a bid to improve.

However, even the best players are guilty of being sucked in by a winning streak. They will continue to ride the wave and that leads to neglect in their game.